A concise 20th century Kenya history

20th century Kenya can be traced back to the time Britain colonized the territory in 1895 with the establishment of its East Africa Protectorate that bordered as far as Lake Naivasha to the west and added Uganda in 1902, becoming a crown colony in 1920. The colonial rule in Kenya history saw the influx of English and other European settlers ...
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Early Kenya history

Kenya history over the centuries has helped shaped the country’s cultural and societal aspirations embodied in its political constitution ending with the current 2010 Kenya Constitution. Its rich history started around 2000 B.C., as Cushitic-speaking northern Africa tribes migrated to the area and Bantu expansion peaked in 1000 B.C. During the 1st century AD that Arab traders frequently visited the ...
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A short history of the 2010 Kenya constitution

Like other British colonies in Africa, Kenya gained independence after the Lancaster House Conferences presided by Britain decided to set free its colonies anytime from 1953 to 1979. And since its independence in 1964, Kenya has had three constitutions and two major amendments including the last 2010 Kenya Constitution, according to modern Kenya history. The 1963 Kenya Constitution was a ...
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