Great Florida insurance does exist

Finding Reliable Business Insurance in Florida

Opening your own business in Florida can be a very stressful experience. With licensing, hiring and planning, one of the things that often gets overlooked is insurance. All business owners must have various forms of liability insurance. Even more, depending on the type of business you own, obtaining a surety or similar bond could also help to protect you if a customer is unsatisfied or demands recompense. Certain states actually require some businesses to be fully bonded and insured.

Every state has its own requirements for the minimum insurance amount a business owner can have and be fully covered. However, this does not mean you cannot (or often should not) have more than this required amount. Actually, a majority of business owners in Florida choose to purchase more coverage than required by state law. This additional coverage can come in a wide variety of forms according to The most effective way to learn about and understand these types of coverage is to talk with your Florida insurance agent. However, there are a few steps to follow while shopping for business coverage.

Know Your State Requirements

If you are not opening your business in Florida, be careful to research your independent state’s insurance requirements for businesses. Usually, certain businesses may need to purchase specific types of insurance and bonds. If you have trouble locating your state’s requirements, the best way to be sure you are covered is to contact the Secretary of State for a full list of possible bonds and insurance policies your business may need to obtain.

Go through a trusted company

One of the leading insurers in Florida for commercial insurance is Granada Insurance Company. Granada Insurance has been working with business owners in Florida for over 25 years and have experienced and professional agents that can help you deal with every aspect of insuring your new or existing business. Granada insurance has developed a vast network of independent agents that enables the company to allocate their many policy options across many licensed agents who work to ensure service and guidance to their clients.

Be sure to contact Florida Insurance Quotes for a quote at As a rule of thumb, business owners should always purchase more than enough insurance protections to cover at least the total net worth of their company. Furthermore, if a business has employees, insurance to cover them should also be included in a company’s coverage plan. If you find yourself uncertain about exactly how much insurance you should obtain, your agent should be able to give you a much more in-depth insurance plan.

Know what you are buying

It’s very important to obtain the right bond for your business. Often, when someone refers to a bond, what they are referencing is a financial implement that will provide monetary reparation in the event a business owner violates a contract they have entered into with a customer. Businesses that often perform their services where their will customers pay in advance should obtain this type of bond.

Safeguard your home with FL homeowners insurance.

Florida insurance companies like, offer many kinds of policies to residents besides common homeowner plans. These policies help Floridians manage risk and plan for potential catastrophes with the backstop of additional insurance. Here are just two of the many FL insurance types you can choose from .

Flood Insurance

Florida’s geography and nearness to water makes it prone to flooding. While your homeowner’s insurance covers a wide range of potential risks to your home and your belongings, you have to purchase flood insurance in order to collect on damage to your home caused by flooding. Many lenders require flood insurance if you have a mortgage on a house in a flood zone.

While it’s possible to purchase flood insurance on the private insurance market, the overwhelming majority of policies are currently written through a program of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. This National Flood Insurance Program is regulated entirely at the national governmental level. FL has the largest number of flood insurance policyholders of any state according to

Who Is Eligible For Flood Insurance?

In order for your property to be eligible for flood insurance protection through the federal government, the town or city that you live in must join the NFIP and promise to abide by federal regulations regarding flood plain management and stewardship. Residents of qualifying communities are then able to purchase flood insurance, with a thirty-day waiting for the policy to take effect after signing up.

Due to recent federal legislation, flood insurance has become much more costly for the average FL insurance customer. Even though Floridians pay four times more in premiums than they get in return in claim payments, the cost of policies could soon go even higher. For that reason, the Commissioner of the Florida Insurance Regulation Office has begun to work alongside Florida insurance providers to encourage them to offer more private-market policies to homeowners at prices lower than the federal government.

Title Insurance

If you’re purchasing a house in FL, you’re wise to insure it with Title Insurance. Title insurance makes sure that owners and the lenders that underwrite mortgages for home sales are protected against the possibility of an invalid or defective title on a piece of property. Title insurance can also guard against incurring liability if the existence of a hidden lien or other claim is discovered after you take possession of your property. Some title insurance policies can also cover personal property besides homes over similar disputes.

How Does Title Insurance Work?

Before your insurer gives you a title insurance policy to cover your home, their agent will verify that there are no defects in the documents that change hands at a home purchase closing that could affect your right to legally own, control, use, or resell your property. These defects might include:

  • Liens on the property from contractors or other businesses
  • Unpaid property taxes
  • An easement
  • Possible claims by heirs of the previous owners

These so-called Title Agents search public records thoroughly on your behalf, and give an assessment of the likelihood that someone could later challenge the validity of your ownership rights to your house and land.

What Else Can Title Agents Do?

Title agents can perform a handful of services to their customers, including preparing and obtaining title searches, examining existing titles for accuracy, issuing title insurance, writing closing documents for home purchases, presiding over the closings themselves, and even distributing funds to appropriate parties at closing.

Title insurance is different than most other kinds of FL insurance as it is purchased only once, and is in force for as long as you or your heirs keep the property.

Now that you know about these FL Homeowners specifics, you can get a quote here and start saving money today.

Car Insurance in Florida. Why is it different?

Can you quickly name one of the most seen commercials on the television? If your first thought was insurance commercials, you are correct. No matter what you watch, presently today you will see multiple insurance commercials. These commercials tell you that you overspending on your current car insurance. In truth, you more than likely are overpaying for your auto insurance. Not to worry though. With a quick internet search and by collecting online car insurance quotes here, you are well on your way.

No matter if you are shopping for a better policy or shopping for the first time, being online is your gateway to receiving online auto insurance quotes. Please consider these tips when shopping for Florida car insurance quotes at

Know your coverage types

There are six known types of coverage that can show up on a basic auto insurance policy. These types are bodily injury liability, collision, property damage liability, and comprehensive, uninsured, medical payments. Be sure to check with your state when it comes to the type of coverage you are legally required to have.

Be prepared

It is important that you are prepared when you decide to shop online. It is essential to have this information ready. This includes your VIN, vehicle make, vehicle model, and year. Also be sure that you have available the license numbers of all drivers to be insured. You can also tally up the number of miles you drove last year vs this year. If your mileage has decreased, it is possible to receive a lower insurance quote in FL from

Shop around

It is recommended that you should take a look at your car insurance policy once a year. Be sure to take note of how much you are paying in premiums and the amount of coverage you are receiving. The cost of this same policy may differ with other companies. Due to this, it is crucial to shop around and compare all major insurance companies.

Do not settle for the first cheap quote you receive

Just because you are offered a cheap quote doesn’t mean you have to choose it. Take a closer look at the quotes you receive according to Be sure to pay close attention to the Florida coverage type and ensure it is the same or better than your current policy.

When it comes to shopping for online car insurance quotes, you may find the best deals to be located at Florida Insurance Quotes. Studies have shown that the best auto insurance deals are found here. This company is very dedicated to their customers. It is their mission to provide top of the line quotes for customers. Try receiving your car insurance quote online today.